“Composing” the Flutter counter app with Jetpack Compose: Part 1

Step 1:

Step 2:

3.1 Composable functions can execute in any order - Don't let one of your composable depend on another.

3.2 Composable functions can run in parallel - Optimization and one side-effect you should keep in mind.
3.3 Recomposition skips as much as possible - Optimization and oh yeah, they mention the side-effect again. Must be really important to remember that. 3.4 Recomposition is optimistic - Compose expects to finish recomposition before the parameters change again.3.5 Composable functions might run quite frequently - Pass the data to Compose using mutableStateOf or LiveData. What's that? We'll get to it.

Step 3:


Remember composable:

var name by remember { mutableStateOf("") }
var name by rememberSaveable { mutableStateOf("") }

Stateless composable:

composable does not hold its own state and thus it is not tightly coupled to how its state is stored. This way, composable is easy to reuse and test.
val Blue200 = Color(0xFF90CAF9)
val Blue500 = Color(0xFF2196F3)
val Blue700 = Color(0xFF1976D2)
primary = Blue200,
primaryVariant = Blue700,

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